Australia's Skills Shortage (457)

The Australian Immigration system provides opportunities for skilled overseas workers to enter and remain in Australia for up to 4 years (with a further renewal option), provided they have an Australian Business willing to sponsor and employ them. This is commonly refer to as the ‘457’ Business Long Stay Visa. A number of overseas workers utilise the ‘457’ as a pathway towards achieving Australian permanent residency at a later stage. Others simply use the ‘457’ to accrue valuable work experience or to further their employment opportunities in their home countries. The Immigration Department granted over 39,000 primary 457 visas in the period 2005-2006. The 457 attracts ‘skilled workers’ from around the globe, from a variety of occupations.

Whatever your intention maybe, GIC can assist both Australian Employers and Overseas Workers achieve their objectives!


At GIC we can assist businesses with the mandatory Immigration Requirements involved in sponsoring overseas workers. We streamline the 3 step procedure of gaining your ‘Employer Nomination Status’, ‘Specifying the Role or Roles’ you required to be filled and finally including the Overseas Worker/s in the Application. Furthermore, we can also assist businesses sourcing an appropriately skilled overseas workers/s. At GIC we have developed a vast network of both local and overseas contacts, and have complimented traditional approaches with our new ‘ Overseas Workers Data Base’.

Overseas Workers

For Overseas persons wishing to gain employment in Australia, GIC can assist in finding you the kind of employment you require. Working in Australia can lead to eventually gaining Australian Permanent Residency, or it can simply be a means of developing your professional resume. For others, working in Australia is a way of earning a healthy salary whilst experiencing the vibrant life and culture Australia has to offer.
At GIC we have a network of local contacts, and have developed relationships with employment agencies. Together we can assist you in finding that dream job in Australia. If you are interested in working in Australia please join our ‘New Overseas Workers Data Base’ or drop us an email.