Skilled Migration

The Australian Immigration System is geared towards ‘Skilled Migration’. Government policy is driven towards attracting ‘skilled’ and ‘highly skilled’ migrants, to fill critical skills shortages in key Industries. Australia’s relatively low population and low unemployment- in the face of strong, long term economic growth means that sourcing skilled overseas labour is essential to its continued growth and prosperity.

As a prospective ‘Skilled Migrant’, your first step is to ensure that your occupation is specified by the Australian Immigration Department (DIBP) in their ‘Skilled Occupation List’- otherwise known as the ‘SOL’. If your occupation is listed on the SOL, you will then need to undergo a “Skills Assessment’, undertaken by the relevant Australian ‘Assessment Body’ for your nominated ‘Skilled Occupation’. The ‘Assessment Bodies’ generally follow an assessment criteria which takes into account your work experience, your duties undertaken at work, academic qualifications, in some instances your level of English competency etc. . In addition to a ‘Skills Assessment’ there are Age, Health, Length of Employment, English Language, Character and Police Clearances that one must satisfy.

‘No Stone Left Unturned- Professionalism and Reliability

Skilled Migration’ to Australia can be achieved via a number of avenues. At GIC we undertake a thorough, professional consultative approach that ensures that we match your skills, attributes and personal situation to the ‘Skilled Migration Visa’, that will give you the best possible chance of success. Our knowledge and Certification as an Australian Registered Migration Agent, situates us in a position to explore all possible avenues to achieve your migration objectives. Furthermore, our specialist advice will ensure that you are aware of all relevant legislative changes to the Migration Act 1958 and The Migration Regulations 1994. Changes to the Act or The Regulations may impact ones Visa Application and or their eligibility.

Pathway Solutions

At GIC we place supreme importance on honesty, professionalism and ensuring that our clients have every opportunity to achieve their objectives. At GIC we practice the Art of ‘Problem Solving’, so if we can’t assist you in achieving your migration objectives immediately, we will create a pathway solution that gives you the best possible chance of achieving your migration objectives. For a preliminary assessment of your eligibility to apply for 'Skilled Migration’ to Australia, please fill out our Free Online Assessment Form.