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What we Do 

GIC is an Immigration Consulting Firm. At GIC we integrate 3 integral parts of The Australian Immigration System; Skilled Migration, Education Consulting/ Students Visas and Skilled Employment. We assist overseas applicants achieve their objectives, whether they wish to immigrate permanently to Australia, Study in Australia or want to attain employment in Australia.


The Migration Agents Registration Authority is the legal body (under the Migration Act 1958) that regulates and manages the Migration Advice Profession. The MARA produces a document called the “Consumer Guide” (Information on the Regulation of the Migration Advice Profession). The Consumer Guide is a “document with information about the Migration Advice Profession, the functions of the Authority, the legislation regulating the profession, what a client can reasonably expect from a migration agent, and complaint procedures”.(www.mara.gov.au) Furthermore, Migration Agents are subject to ‘The Migration Agents Code of Conduct’, which is also administered by MARA. A client is within their rights to make a formal complaint to MARA regarding an agent who breaches the ‘Code’. ‘The Migration Agents Code of Conduct’ can be downloaded by following this link. The Consumer Guide  can be downloaded by following this link.
Site ( www.mara.gov.au )

Our Firm’s Principal

Our Firm’s principal consultant, Mr. Richard Quirin is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 0848935), and has practiced in immigration law for over a decade. Mr. Quirin has unique and extensive qualifications in International Relations, having completed a B.A (Globalization Studies) (Victoria University)  and a Masters of International Relations from Melbourne’s esteemed Monash University (Clayton). Richard has also graduated with distinction from the Graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration Law and Practice. Richard brings a wealth of experience to GIC having led the firm for over a decade and having previously worked as a Company Director  managing corporate relationships with a number of large Corporations and Australian Tertiary Institutions.

Our Principal Consultant, Mr. Richard Quirin is a former Board Member of the Migration Alliance (2010), serving on the first full management committee ( www.migrationalliance.com.au ). The Migration Alliance is the leading advocate for Australian Migration Law Practitioners; boasting a membership of over 3000 Registered Migration Agents. During  Richard’s time on the board of the Migration Alliance he fought for the advancement of the Migration Profession through professional development, integrity, transparency and accountability.


Our Approach

Australia’s Immigration and Visa System may seem complex and daunting to the untrained eye. Immigration consulting requires the arts of ‘problem solving’ and ‘benefit-risk analysis’. At GIC our commitment to professionalism, integrity, competency and honesty is second to none. We provide our clients with a personalized service that takes into account their personal skills, attributes and situation. We undertake a thorough consultative approach with our clients, and ensure that the advice provided is concise and in accordance with the latest legislative requirements. (Migration Act 1958 & Migration Regulations 1994).

Australia’s Visa System is ‘not a one size fits all’. At GIC we understand this intimately and ensure that our clients are availed of all their Visa, Study and Work options. At GIC we then undertake a cost/time analysis and a benefit/risk analysis with our clients, and advise them in light of their chances of successfully achieving their objectives. Choosing the right path and visa option will have a fundamental impact on ones chances of achieving their Australian migration objectives. At GIC we are mindful of financial restrains and we ensure that our advice is assessed in accordance with your financial capabilities- and via the avenue with the maximum possibility of success.

At GIC we understand that some clients cannot meet the migration eligibility criteria at the present time, but desperately want to migrate to Australia. At GIC we never turn clients away. We exhaust every legal avenue in order to give you the best possible chance of achieving your objectives. We develop pathway solutions for clients that can’t meet the migration eligibility criteria. Our pathway solutions may involve one or a combination of the following: temporary working visas (457 visa), migrating to regional or under developed areas, Study Options, Attaining Regional/State Sponsorship etc. Each pathway solution is catered to your specific situation and your specific aspirations- and is design to maximize your chances of achieving your migration objectives.